Outlook export all emails

Every email in your mailbox, pushed to a third-party storage system. ThinkAutomation can process any volume of emails and push them to the desired destination. So, you can export entire mailboxes as part of a smooth, in-the-background automation.

Outlook export all emails – overview

  • Connect ThinkAutomation to the desired Outlook mailbox via drag-and-drop automation studio
  • Add a simple automation to parse every email found inside the mailbox into your preferred external system
  • You could export into a database or a hard drive on a server\PC\NAS (Network Attached Storage device) as needed
  • ThinkAutomation can process millions of messages and will handle legacy data as well as new incoming emails

Outlook export all emails – use cases

  • Backup a mailbox on an external server
  • Store a copy of emails from a legacy or abandoned mailbox
  • Safely archive messages without losing information
  • Migrate emails into a new database or third party system
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case