OAuth sign-in

Add an authorisation step to your automated workflows. ThinkAutomation can securely validate users and fire the relevant action(s) both before and after a login as part of a smooth automation sequence.


OAuth sign-in – overview

  • This baked-in ThinkAutomation action can be used to obtain an authorization token from an OAuth enabled web API
  • The token can then be used on subsequent HTTP GET or POST actions
  • Configure by selecting a type – either a ThinkAutomation connected app type, or generic
  • For generic OAuth you must then supply an authorization endpoint, token endpoint, client ID, client secret and scope
  • Clicking the ‘Sign In’ button begins the process and launches a browser session to complete a sign-in
  • You can then select a variable to receive the authorization token
  • ThinkAutomation will automatically refresh the authorization token when it expires


OAuth sign-in – use cases

  • Authenticate a user before sending an automated account email
  • Upload sensitive data to a database after obtaining user consent
  • Authorise an application to access an account, then process a transaction
  • Get authenticated access to company data to push into a third-party reporting tool
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case