.NET scripting

Automate your entire tech stack from a single hub. With ThinkAutomation, you get a powerful automation studio to orchestrate connections, conditions, and actions via a drag-and-drop GUI. Plus, you also get a fully-featured code editor to design any custom action(s) needed and execute .NET scripts.

.NET scripting – overview

  • As well as the core automation studio, ThinkAutomation offers a built-in IDE
  • Write your own automation scripts using Microsoft .NET, C#, or VB.NET as preferred
  • You can also reference external assemblies and paste directly from Visual Studio
  • Design your own custom integrations and actions using an intuitive UI builder
  • Build as much as you like, as often as you like, however you like

.NET scripting – use cases

  • Customise your build beyond what’s baked-in to the core ThinkAutomation product
  • Push-pull data across legacy or bespoke systems
  • Power any number of API integrations and hyper-specific automations across your tech stack