SQL execute command

Add SQL commands as steps in your automated workflows. ThinkAutomation provides a drag-and-drop studio to orchestrate custom automations across your tech stack. So, you can set triggered SQL commands to fire based on new inbound data in connected sources.

SQL execute command – overview

  • This ThinkAutomation action will execute a SQL command or stored procedure
  • You can pass any number of parameters and assign output parameters to variables
  • Via SQL, you can insert or update a row in a database based on the results of a select statement
  • Supported database types include: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Azure, MySQL / Maria DB, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, Firebird, and Microsoft Access
  • ThinkAutomation can also connect to an ODBC DSN and use any OLEDB driver

SQL execute command – use cases

  • Update one database table with data from another table if new entries are detected
  • Parse data from inbound emails and add extracted fields to database rows / tables
  • Auto-extract data from Excel or CSV files and upload to DB
  • Update a database with new data from connected monitored sources – such as a reporting system or a file in a folder
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case