Move email attachment to folder automatically

All your email attachments, automatically stored into the right folder. ThinkAutomation will parse and process attachments so you don’t have to. Plus, it will run any number of automations off the back of extracted attachment data.

Move email attachment to folder automatically – overview

  • Connect ThinkAutomation to your mailboxes and it will monitor for new inbound messages 24/7, with data pulled every 60 seconds
  • Use the ThinkAutomation studio to configure custom workflows on how email attachments are parsed and processed
  • Orchestrate integrations and conditional automations via a low-code, drag and drop environment
  • Infinite extensibility to handle as many attachment processes, data volumes, and connections into third parties as you need

Move email attachment to folder automatically – use cases

  • Conditionally upload email attachments to the relevant cloud or local folder, based on identified keywords
  • Extract specific content from an attachment and feed into fields and tables in a database, CRM, spreadsheet, etc
  • Automatically convert attachments to the desired file format before storing to folder
  • Parse PDFs into image, text, or word files to allow for editing
  • Return attachment data to variables and run any number of automations against it
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired workflow