MongoDB lookup

Automatically run MongoDB lookups, with conditional actions fired based on the results. The ThinkAutomation MongoDB integration allows you to work queries into your automated workflows. So, you can retrieve and act on data without manual administration.

MongoDB lookup – overview

  • This baked-in ThinkAutomation action reads a document from a MongoDB collection and assigns the JSON to a variable
  • You specify the MongoDB connection string, database name, and collection name
  • Then, enter the query JSON and (optionally) the projection and sort JSON
  • You can use %field% replacements in the query. For example:
{ "_id": { "$eq": "%OrderNumber%" } }
  • Select the variable to assign the returned document(s) to
  • You can then use ThinkAutomation’s extract field actions to extract individual fields from the document
  • Results can be used to fire any number of subsequent automations in local or cloud systems

MongoDB lookup – use cases

  • Create a workflow to query data at scheduled intervals then push data to BI / visualization tools
  • Query documents that belong to a specific customer then send an outgoing email to an account manager
  • Calculate a total purchase amount for a specific audience subset to feed into a sales report
  • Add tokens for field values that you’d like to log and send auto-alerts based on the results
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case