Mongo update

Automatically add or update documents in your MongoDB database. MongoDB updates can be a simple data push from A to B. Or, they can be part of a sequence of conditional automations in a larger workflow. To configure, drag-and-drop your desired connections and automations via our studio.

Mongo update – overview

  • ThinkAutomation can monitor MongoDB, push-pull data to and from connected sources, and fire any number of automations across your stack
  • The product includes a JSON parser, which creates JSON text and allows you to assign variables to each JSON element
  • JSON parsing is powered by a friendly UI and accompanied with a JSON editor to assist building automations
  • You can create integrations to and from MongoDB (and elsewhere) to push data from point to point and build out processes
  • Your automations execute concurrently and in split seconds, running round the clock and at any volume

Mongo update – use cases

  • Create JSON documents from new inbound emails and push into MongoDB
  • Serialize report data to strings before pushing into MongoDB
  • Update existing MongoDB documents when new data from a connected source is detected
  • Monitor MongoDB for data updates and execute conditional automations based on the values pulled
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case