Message store

Take advantage of high performance and unlimited storage when automating your process flows. ThinkAutomation is an open-ended business middleware platform that allows you to link, automate, and manage your entire organisational tech stack from one place. So, part of its architecture includes a powerful message store database.

Message store – overview

  • ThinkAutomation supports MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, and SQLite message stores
  • The message store database stores both your ThinkAutomation data and configurations, allowing you to view a log of all processed data and automations / actions taken
  • The message store can be local or remote for scalability and redundancy, and services can run on separate computers for a distributed configuration
  • All communication between the message store database and the automation studio relays via fast, secure WebSocket
  • You can remotely access a convenient web message store viewer, which updates in real-time
  • Infrastructure is built end-to-end in .NET managed code

Message store – use cases

  • Connect apps and data with speed and flexibility
  • Build high-quality, end to end process flows       
  • Streamline all process management via a central hub
  • Ensure low-latency and high-performance even as you scale
  • Re-use existing process flows and custom actions across the enterprise as teams evolve