Markdown support

Use markdown across your automated outgoing messages with ThinkAutomation. The product’s inbuilt markdown support means you can send stylised, legible auto-responses across multiple channels. So, any and all automatic messages are always formatted and professional.

Markdown support – overview

  • ThinkAutomation comes with built-in editors for plaintext, markdown, HTML, JSON, SQL, C# and VB – complete with syntax colouring.
  • You can use markdown in ThinkAutomation for outgoing email text, Teams messages, web forms and ‘wait for user response’ forms
  • This includes headings, prompt text, help text, etc
  • You can also use markdown with the ‘set variable’ action, which has an option for converting markdown to HTML
  • (*.md) can also be converted to PDF, Word & HTML files using the ‘convert document’ action

Markdown support – use cases

  • Pull information from a database table and push it into a Teams chats as a stylised message
  • Send a formatted email to a customer, powered by markdown, in automatic response to their inbound query
  • Convert markdown text from a monitored local file to HTML and then auto-post to a company intranet page
  • Build public or private forms and surveys via the ThinkAutomation studio on your desktop, with customised markdown prompt text
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case