Local automation

Control your process automation environment end-to-end. With ThinkAutomation, you deploy locally, you configure your connections, you orchestrate the automations you need, and you decide the processing volume. All as the standard deployment route – not for an extra fee.

Local automation – overview

  • Get the full ThinkAutomation setup in one download
  • Automate your entire tech stack from a local machine
  • Install ThinkAutomation system services on your own private server
  • Set up ThinkAutomation across multiple workstations as needed
  • Remotely access a web-based dashboard and message store viewer

Local automation – use cases

  • Get fast, easy access to local databases
  • Create cloud functions in an on-premises environment
  • Control the timing of processing and automations
  • Run custom scripts that don’t require permissions
  • Cluster databases and configure load balancing
  • Regulate bandwidth and processing volumes
  • Run automations behind your own firewalls or DMZ