High speed automation

High speed automation that runs 24/7/365, across both cloud and local systems. ThinkAutomation pulls data from connected systems every minute, processes and fires actions concurrently, and automates your processes in split seconds.

High speed automation – overview

  • ThinkAutomation offers:
  • A powerful automation studio designed for open-ended orchestration
  • A custom action designer including a built-in IDE for writing execution scripts
  • An online community library to share and discover custom automations
  • A fast, resilient core processer offering concurrent message processing, concurrent automations
  • A JSON parser powered by a friendly UI and accompanied with a JSON editor
  • Both a local HTTP API and a public web API for smooth, continuous data flows
  • Support for MongoDB and MySQL message stores
  • Communication via fast, secure WebSocket

High speed automation – use cases

  • Connect data sources and systems inside the ThinkAutomation studio 
  • Orchestrate the movement of data from point to point 
  • Build simple or complex automations to act on data and handle processes 
  • Automate at scale and speed via a vast library of native integrations and actions 
  • Customise to any degree required with the inbuilt IDE for custom scripts 
  • Process high data volumes without the cloud costs via hybrid automation gateway