FTP upload

Automatically upload files or attachments to FTP servers as part of your business process workflows. ThinkAutomation will retrieve and process files from connected sources. Then, it can run any number of subsequent automations against them once uploaded.

FTP upload – overview

  • This baked-in ThinkAutomation action will upload files to an FTP or SFTP server
  • ThinkAutomation supports secure FTP server connections, with options for 'Auth TLS', 'SSL', and 'none'
  • You can select a remote path to upload files to, enter file names / masks, and select a specific folder or local directory
  • As well as uploading, you can also set ThinkAutomation to download files or attachments from an FTP / SFTP server
  • ThinkAutomation can then perform any number of further actions on your files as part of a broader workflow, based on the conditions you set up in its drag-and-drop automation studio

FTP upload – use cases

  • Upload incoming attachments from a specific mailbox to a local directory
  • Schedule large batch file syncs for nights or weekends
  • Exchange critical documents on a routine basis
  • Convert documents to PDF before pushing to an FTP server
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case