File operation

Automate file management operations via ThinkAutomation. Using a drag-and-drop automation studio, you can create any number of workflows to monitor and process files against your check conditions and conditional branches.

File operation – overview

  • This baked-in ThinkAutomation feature offers multiple action types, including:
  • Create folder
  • Copy file
  • Move file
  • Delete file
  • Rename file
  • Check if file/folder exists
  • Get SHA256 hash for file
  • Get file size
  • Get file date
  • Get file version
  • Read file to Base64 string
  • Append to filename
  • Prefix filename
  • Get folder contents
  • You can then assign the result to a variable for further processing, as part of a broader automation sequence as needed

File operation – use cases

  • Save incoming attachments to local system folders
  • Rename files with field values extracted from the document
  • Monitor and validate the integrity of files via their attributes
  • Backup local files in cloud folders
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case