Extract field

Find, extract, and act on field data from incoming messages or variables in your monitored systems. ThinkAutomation parses and processes new data from connected sources, then fires conditional automations based on the results.

Extract field – overview

  • Using a drag-and-drop automation studio, you can connect any number of message sources you wish ThinkAutomation to monitor – from mailboxes, to databases, to files, and much more
  • Once put behind these sources, this baked-in ThinkAutomation action will then automatically find and extract needed data from the incoming message body or a variable
  • ThinkAutomation will then assign the extracted data to a field name for further processing
  • You can fine-tune precisely how and where ThinkAutomation will find and extract data – from the message body, from a specific cell or table, based on a keyword, etc
  • You can also specify what data ThinkAutomation should extract on a granular level, using rules such as “Until X”, “Look for”, “Then look for”, “Start from last extract point”, etc
  • If needed, build up your workflows by calling another automation with the results of each data extraction to perform subsequent actions

Extract field – use cases

  • Extract a serial number from a database and send to a customer via email auto-response
  • Parse invoice details from a PDF and push into your accounting system
  • Extract feedback from a survey and upload to the customer’s CRM record
  • Find a specific JSON path and extract all array values to CSV
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case