Execute script

Execute script

Get an integrated development environment on top of a powerful automation platform. With ThinkAutomation, you can automate your entire tech stack from a single drag-and-drop studio. And, for added power, the product also offers a fully-featured code editor to design your own actions and execute custom scripts.

Execute script – overview

  • ThinkAutomation offers a built-in IDE to write your own scripts, executing custom logic for API connections and automated actions
  • You can write code using .NET, C#, or VB.NET as preferred
  • You can also reference external assemblies and paste directly from Visual Studio
  • Once compiled, your scripts will execute as fast as built-in actions
  • You can drag and drop variables onto the script editor and they will be converted to code
  • You can also access any of the built-in fields, solution constants and system constants while scripting

Execute script – use cases

  • Go beyond the baked-in range of actions to design custom logic that answers to a niche business process need
  • Automate any number of custom workflows, with the exact specificity and complexity needed
  • Integrate into any system you need – even bespoke internal solutions or legacy software
  • Build bespoke automations then deliver your custom work to clients as a hosted automation solution
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case