Email to spreadsheet

Parse email data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. ThinkAutomation can automatically update your files with fields extracted from new incoming messages. Simply design your workflow inside our drag-and-drop automation studio, and ThinkAutomation will do the rest.

Email to spreadsheet – overview

  • ThinkAutomation monitors connected mailboxes 24/7, checking for updates every 60 seconds and running the subsequent automation(s) in split seconds
  • With an “Update Excel file” workflow, ThinkAutomation will create or update spreadsheets with data parsed from emails
  • By default, ThinkAutomation adds a row to the Excel spreadsheet, with a column for each extracted field like so:
  • It can also update individual cells using cell IDs (e.g. A1, B23) specified in your workflow

Email to spreadsheet – use cases

  • Track new inbound leads inside one central spreadsheet
  • Parse fields from email attachments into a spreadsheet
  • Push sign-ups or sales to Excel
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case