Email to cloud

Your email data, automatically synced to the needed cloud destination. ThinkAutomation monitors your mailboxes and parses the key information from new inbound emails. So, you can smoothly push email data from A to B across any local or cloud system – as well as firing conditional automations.

Email to cloud - overview

  • Connect mailboxes and cloud systems via the drag-and-drop ThinkAutomation studio
  • Once connected, ThinkAutomation reads incoming emails from multiple IMAP, POP3 or Microsoft Exchange server mailboxes
  • You can then design custom workflows to act on new inbound email data as part of the parsing process
  • Synchronise multiple mailboxes from a single ThinkAutomation server, with no limits on processing volumes or automated actions
  • Integrations into all expected cloud services as standard, plus infinite extensibility via API

Email to cloud - use cases

  • Update cloud-based databases / CRMs with email data
  • Upload attachments to cloud folders
  • Push data from inbound messages into BI reporting systems
  • Add complete emails / attachments, or parse and extract specific field information only
  • Feed explicit data into online spreadsheet fields or private intranet pages
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired workflow