Email parsing

ThinkAutomation offers advanced email parsing at any scale, any processing volume. First, connect ThinkAutomation into the email sources you wish to monitor. Then, design automations to run off the back of parsed email data.

Email parsing - overview

ThinkAutomation will read inbound emails from:

  • Office 365 / Outlook
  • Exchange
  • Gmail
  • IMAP
  • POP3
  • SendGrid

It will then search those emails, extract key information, and run the relevant conditional automation. All in split seconds.

Email parsing - use cases

  • Update a database record or CRM contact       
  • Upload an attachment to a cloud or local folder
  • Data entry into a spreadsheet or report
  • Attach information to a support ticket
  • Export data into a sentiment trainer
  • Plus many hundreds more, depending on your desired workflow