Email attachment storage

Parse and process company emails automatically – including the attachments that come with them. ThinkAutomation allows you to design custom automated workflows to act on inbound data from connected sources. So, just one automation you can build is the storage of email attachments.

Email attachment storage – overview

  • First, connect ThinkAutomation into the mailboxes you wish to monitor
  • ThinkAutomation works across Office 365 / Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, IMAP, POP3, and SendGrid
  • Once connected, ThinkAutomation will check mailboxes for new messages every 60 seconds, then conditionally fire automations against the data in subseconds
  • ThinkAutomation can parse any and all data associated with inbound emails – from body content, to recipient details, through to attachments and their contents
  • Attachments can simply be pushed to local and cloud folders, transformed into different file types, or parsed for specific field values for subsequent automations

Email attachment storage – use cases

  • Upload email attachments into the relevant cloud service storage folder
  • Save attachments locally into on-premises system folders
  • Save attachments into CRM or database records
  • Forward attachments to the relevant team or mailbox folder
  • Convert attachments then save as an alternate file type
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case