Design actions

Get an integrated development environment on top of a powerful automation platform. First, ThinkAutomation provides a powerful automation studio for open-ended orchestration. But it also comes complete with a custom action designer, including a built-in IDE for writing execution scripts.

Design actions – overview

  • As well as a vast library of in-built actions, ThinkAutomation includes the ability to create your own custom actions 
  • This features a UI builder for configuring the action settings, plus a C# or VB.NET editor for editing the execution code
  • Once a custom action has been created, it appears in the available actions list and can be used like any other action on any automations
  • You can submit your custom action to the ThinkAutomation community via our online library
  • Via the online library, you can also find other community actions to boost your project

Design actions – use cases

  • Customise your build beyond what’s baked-in to the core ThinkAutomation product
  • Push-pull data across legacy or bespoke systems
  • Power any number of API integrations and hyper-specific automations across your tech stack