Database monitoring

Get 24/7 database monitoring, complete with any volume of processing, any number of connections, and unlimited conditional automations. ThinkAutomation powers end-to-end process automation from a single studio – including any database workflow imaginable.

Database monitoring – overview

  • Configure custom database workflows, complete with your desired connections and conditional automations, via a studio designed for open-ended scale
  • ThinkAutomation will work with all popular database types, including SQL Server, NoSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, Firebird, or OLDBC/OLEDB
  • Once connected, ThinkAutomation will monitor a database for new or updated records
  • New rows returned from a database query are then passed to an automation for processing
  • ThinkAutomation monitors 24/7, checks for new messages every 60 seconds, and executes automations in split seconds

Database monitoring – use cases

  • Set up Teams message auto-alerts to IT for heavy database usage
  • Bridge a triggered call to the out-of-hours support telephone when a database outage is detected
  • Push an email to a security manager after a set amount of failed database login attempts
  • Send an automated SMS if lock/ wait time send is above average
  • Generate weekly reports on database performance (buffer, cache, connection, lock, and latch)
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired workflow