Database counters

Track, count and run reports on data via ThinkAutomation. ThinkAutomation offers 24/7 monitoring of connected systems, with new data pulled and processed every minute, and subsequent automations ran in split seconds. As part of this, you can automate workflows based on database counters.

Database counters – overview

  • ThinkAutomation can track and update database counters, then return updated values to a variable for subsequent automations
  • It can maintain counters per day, day of week, month, year, or static
  • You can increment, decrement, get or set a counter
  • Any arbitrary data can be counted. For example:
    • Messages by day of week
    • Messages by email address per month
    • Messages by any extracted field or variable values (payment types, currencies etc) by day, month, year or total
    • Orders by company name per year
    • Outgoing emails sent by email address per month
  • You can view (and clear) counters using the ThinkAutomation studio

Database counters – use cases

  • Track service volume caps, then send triggered emails to customers when a limit is reached (or about to be reached)
  • Track the volume of outbound sales emails against the number of replies and push the data into a BI system for reporting
  • Monitor disc utilisation and send IT alerts via a triggered Teams message
  • Monitor reads per second to ensure optimum performance
  • Pull sentiment reports against inbound emails based on keywords identified
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case