Database automation

Create custom database queries and lookups as part of your workflows. ThinkAutomation can push-pull data to and from your databases and run conditional automations against the results. All at any volume, and on any scale required.

Database automation – overview

  • Configure custom database workflows via a studio designed for open-ended scale
  • Orchestrate any number of connections, conditions, and automations via a drag and drop GUI
  • Once configured, ThinkAutomation will perform parameterised queries to read database records – as well as messages from other connected sources
  • It checks query results against your pre-defined rules and conditions
  • Your desired automations are then executed against each record / message returned – either locally or in the cloud

Database automation – use cases

  • Auto-monitor messages from POP3, IMAP and Exchange servers, Twitter feeds, web pages, RSS feeds and external databases, then extract key data and migrate it across to your database
  • Continually sync data between a database and your CRM by monitoring database activity, detecting new input, and automatically pushing that data to the right place in CRM
  • Checks database tables for new records and automatically send an email when a new record is found – e.g., a welcome email to new customers
  • Add tokens for data items that you’d like to track, (such as keywords or field values), and run reports on the results
  • Convert data from .csv files into tables in an SQL Server database
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case