Backup emails

Keep a copy of processed inbound company emails via ThinkAutomation. Whenever it parses an email, ThinkAutomation also stores a copy of each message in its own ‘Message Store’ database. So, you get a useful central repository of important business emails.

Backup emails – overview

  • ThinkAutomation will parse and process inbound messages from connected mailboxes, with no volume limitations
  • These processed messages are hosted in ThinkAutomation’s Message Store database – providing both an audit trail and a backup
  • ThinkAutomation can use Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL or SQLite for its Message Store database
  • You can configure your own message retention settings, with a default of 1095 days of storage
  • As an additional backup option, you can also use ThinkAutomation to parse emails into your third-party system of choice

Backup emails – use cases

  • Protect against accidental message and attachment deletion
  • Process legacy mailboxes and store them in a secure database
  • Retrieve potentially critical information from one central location
  • Keep email messages available for longer, and make tracking down lost emails much quicker
  • Speed up recovery times and reduce downtime in the event of an attack or system failure