Automation studio

End-to-end workflow automation from a single studio. ThinkAutomation allows you to automate processes on a company-wide scope – with no usage caps or processing limitations. And, even better, you can do so from a uniquely powerful drag-and-drop automation studio.

Automation studio – overview

  • Configure custom workflows via a studio designed for open-ended scale
  • Orchestrate connections, conditions, and automations via a drag and drop GUI
  • Infinite extensibility to handle as many processes, data volumes, and integrations as you need
  • Connect to any API, any database, any server – any system you need
  • Automate any on-premises or cloud-based business process end-to-end

Automation studio – use cases

  • Email parsing
  • Database automation
  • Document processing
  • Workflow management
  • Form building
  • Web scraping
  • High-volume processing
  • Data integration
  • IT bridging
  • Auto-responses
  • IoT monitoring
  • Telephony automation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Extract, transform, load