Automation IDE

Automate outside the boundaries of a no-code environment. ThinkAutomation comprises a powerful automation studio rich with built-in actions and integrations, plus a fully-featured automation IDE. So, you can design your own custom actions and execute scripts.

Automation IDE – overview

  • Use your code in our automation studio, for extra developer range
  • Design bespoke actions for your company automations using an inbuilt UI builder
  • Create C# or VB.NET scripts that will execute when your custom action(s) run
  • Reference external .NET assemblies to keep your code moving
  • Use Visual Studio code directly inside ThinkAutomation
  • Unlimited processing, unlimited automations, unlimited extensibility

Automation IDE – use cases

  • Customise and scale your automation solution end-to-end
  • Power any API integration into any system, including legacy and bespoke programs
  • Design hyper-specific automations across your tech stack to fire processes in any app