Automatic encryption

Automatic encryption

Automatically encrypt new inbound messages and files – the moment they’re received or stored. ThinkAutomation will monitor any connected system (such as a mailbox, a local folder, a web form, etc), and parse new messages every 60 seconds. Just one of the automations it can run during the parsing process is encryption.

Automatic encryption – overview

  • This baked-in action automatically encrypts (or decrypts) text or files as part of your workflows
  • ThinkAutomation uses AES encryption for speed, efficiency, and security
  • You can choose from hex, base64 or url encoding methods based on your preference
  • You can specify a key length of either 256-, 192-, or 128-bit sizes, and a secret key
  • Once processed, ThinkAutomation can return the encrypted or decrypted text/filename to a variable for subsequent automations

Automatic encryption – use cases

  • Encrypt sensitive data fields before sending to a database
  • Push encrypted email attachments into a storage drive
  • Encrypt data and control the key before saving to a third-party cloud system
  • Password-protect sensitive files stored in a centrally-used system
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case