Automatic compression

Automatic compression

Compress and decompress company files (including email attachments) as part of smooth automated workflows. ThinkAutomation will retrieve, parse, and run any number of actions against files in connected systems. So, you get easy, automated document processing.

Automatic compression – overview

  • This baked-in action creates Zip compatible compressed archive files for attachments or files/folders
  • It can also be used to unzip/decompress files
  • You can optionally specify a password if you want to protect the Zip file after its compression
  • You can also specify file masks and exclusions if you want to compress files of a certain type only (e.g.: *.pdf) in your workflows
  • Once compressed, files can be assigned to variables for subsequent automations

Automatic compression – use cases

  • Automatically compress inbound email attachments before processing
  • Attach a zip file to an automated outgoing message to bypass limitations
  • Compress a large library of files and push to a third-party storage system
  • Upload compressed Zips to a local system folder
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case