Want to use robotic process automation for customer service workflows? Here’s how ThinkAutomation can help.

Auto-update records

ThinkAutomation can manage manual data entry. Whenever a customer sends you an email, our software bots parse it, extract its key data, and push that data to the relevant place in your systems.

This means your CRM and databases are kept up to date with customer comms. Instead of manually inputting emails, ThinkAutomation updates customer records automatically on your behalf.

Send smart auto-responses

After our software bots are done processing your inbound messages, they can then send smart auto-responses. These responses can be sent across multiple channels, for multiple scenarios.

ThinkAutomation checks customer messages against pre-set conditions. Using extracted data, it then sends contextual, personalised, and relevant auto-responses – saving you time and effort.

Schedule outbound emails

Use ThinkAutomation to automate customer service emails. Our software bots can email your customers based on triggers — from time-based lifecycle comms, to irregular event-based emails.

This works using straightforward “If this, then that” logic. You simply set up the rules for triggering outbound emails, and our software bots will ensure the right messages are sent at the right time.

Set up support alerts

ThinkAutomation helps you manage urgent customer service problems. Your support mailboxes can be monitored, and your inbound messages scanned for keywords.

This means customers needing immediate attention can be flagged at once. Our software bots can alert your team whenever a problem arises, triggering any follow-up process you choose.

Field customer feedback

Whenever a customer sends a positive or negative email, ThinkAutomation can field their feedback. The same is true of tweets, web forms, or any other source you’ve set ThinkAutomation to monitor.

Once new feedback is detected, message content will then be parsed, extracted, and processed into the right place. This helps you track customer opinions, without constant checking and updating.

Calculate customer satisfaction

ThinkAutomation comes complete with a powerful sentiment analysis algorithm. You can calculate the satisfaction of your customers, based on the messages streaming into your business.

This works on a smart scoring system. Our software bots score your inbound messages for sentiment, and you can then pull reports to track trends and gauge overall customer mood.

Process complaints and tickets

Use ThinkAutomation to handle complaints more efficiently. Using conditional processing, our software bots can help you sort, route and escalate customer issues automatically.

This means custom responses can be sent, messages forwarded, attachments processed, tickets added to CRM accounts, and any number of workflows triggered to help you manage complaints.

Extract customer data

You may need to work with your database to extract customer details, and sometimes that process can be messy and long-winded. Our software bots can help.

ThinkAutomation is useful for creating database queries and lookups – pulling customer data and performing required follow-up actions.

Manage customer calls

ThinkAutomation is a handy call companion. It’s capable of directing your inbound calls, automating outgoing ones, and updating your telephony systems.

Our software bots can route calls, trigger appropriate transcripts, record calls, sync records to your CRM, and bridge triggered connect calls — for a personal receptionist service.

Reduce document admin

Let ThinkAutomation process your paperwork. Our software bots can parse attachments, convert file formats, extract and enter data, and upload documents to the relevant destination.

This means you can spend less time on the admin that comes with customer correspondence, and more time giving quality customer care.

Cleanse records

Customer records in your CRM or database can become inaccurate, inconsistent or ill-formatted. Use ThinkAutomation to help cleanse your records, automatically and in the background.

Our software bots recognise incongruent values, formats, and language input. So, emails can be translated, details formatted, and data sanitised and normalised – all before hitting your CRM.

Automate account admin

Our software bots read data from multiple inbound sources, and act on the data using pre-set rules. For customer service teams, this means a helping hand with manual account admin.

Using conditional processing and data extraction, ThinkAutomation can open and close accounts, amend details, and add new information. You get accuracy and efficiency, without the effort.

Get building

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