A single platform to connect, monitor, and automate your systems in the cloud

  • Connect any app, any backend service, any cloud device with an API
  • Orchestrate the flow of data across your cloud applications and beyond
  • Design workflows to act on your data and automate end-to-end processes
cloud monitoring tools

Round the clock cloud monitoring

Cloud monitoring at the scope and scale you need

A powerful studio to build out as many Cloud automations as you need – all via drag and drop GUI

An inbuilt API gateway powering limitless endpoints, plus limitless data processing volumes

An integrated development environment to script any custom connection and action required

Integrated cloud applications inside & outside of your own private network

  • Install and configure ThinkAutomation on-premises
  • Enterprise cloud automation that meets scalability and security requirements
  • Local transmission and processing of extensive cloud data
  • A local HTTP API plus a public web API for hybrid integration scenarios
  • On-prem decision making with sub-second response times
  • Full cloud stack control, plus fully Edge computing capable

Intelligent cloud event monitoring & automation

Collect data from devices that can’t run an agent via APISupport for the databases chosen for cloud projects, including MYSQL and MongoDBPerform DNS lookups and assign returned data to a variable
Log vast volumes of data without impacting performanceShare cloud data via secure WebSocketExecute Secure Shell commands against any host
Take action on data in motionIntegrate into cloud gateways, streaming data platforms, custom tech, and morePing any host and return the results to a variable

Enterprise cloud monitoring for one fixed, accessible price