Connect apps and data with speed and flexibility


Build high-quality, end to end process flows


Streamline all process management via a central hub

Link, automate, and manage your entire organisational tech stack from one place

Simplify IT operations across the board

Build flows across on-premises and cloud applications, unlimited data sources, and IoT devices across your network

Automate any process or project end-to-end via a single, cross-organisational business framework middleware solution

Create a common language for handling operational processes across departments, systems, external partners, and suppliers

A fast, well-documented, and flexible framework for IT orchestration

"All I can say is that ThinkAutomation is the best software product I have used in 30 years as an IT pro. The breadth of automation available is highly impressive."

David Talbot

Business framework middleware that supports your ongoing transformation

  • Intelligent bi-directional data processing with no usage caps
  • Design, secure, scale, and extend your API ecosystem as it grows
  • Support any number of integrations and automations under a single licence
  • Super-fast infrastructure ensures low-latency and high-performance even as you scale
  • Re-use existing process flows and custom actions across the enterprise as teams evolve

Customers using ThinkAutomation as a bridge between operations

Infinite extensibility at one fixed price