Inside the ThinkAutomation layers

Designed for raw automation power

Continuous processing across your tech stack

Monitors all connected systems in your stack

Retrieves all new data / data changes

Runs the data through a parsing engine

Conditionally executes the correct process in the correct systems

High-speed, high specification

Bottomless automation capacity, built on logic

  • Build out your automations via logical blocks
  • Drag and drop your conditions and actions
  • Orchestrate at any scale and complexity level
  • Use a built-in IDE to code custom work
  • Create as much as you need, however you need

Optimised to handle however much you throw at it

Services can run on separate computers for a distributed configuration

Communication relays via fast, secure WebSocket

Stable studio access regardless of server load

Built end-to-end in .NET managed code

Maintains a log of processed data via the ThinkAutomation message store

Message stores support MongoDB, MySQL, SQL server and SQLite

One licence, one clear price