ThinkAutomation monitors data from multiple sources and systems


This data is continually processed against your ‘if’ rules and conditional branches


Triggers kick into motion to execute the right follow-up task or sequence of actions

Workflows for Web

Call a web service

Use ThinkAutomation to analyse, integrate and automate

Your accounting software has a web API. You hook in ThinkAutomation and use it to automatically push through employee timesheets, helping to calculate wages quickly, accurately and efficiently.

If a product has a web API, ThinkAutomation can talk to it and tell it to do things. This means it can connect to multiple web systems, bridge them together and run desired workflows across them.

This works based on rule-based logic. You build web service calls into your workflows, and you define the conditional actions that follow. Our software bots automate the rest.


Trawl and track websites

Use ThinkAutomation for online monitoring

You want to watch out for any new competitor features. So, you set ThinkAutomation to monitor a features area. Whenever a change is detected, ThinkAutomation renders the URL page as a PDF and attaches it to an outbound email to your product team.

ThinkAutomation can monitor the different domains, web pages and RSS feeds of interest to your business. Even better, it can do so 24/7, while keeping you in the loop of any changes.

It might be looking out for vendor price fluctuations. It might be tracking competitors and their services and deals. Either way, our software bots will monitor and then run actions on the results.


Scrape site data

Use ThinkAutomation for web harvesting and data extraction

You want to ensure your business is continually getting the best service rates. ThinkAutomation performs scheduled scrapes of key supplier price pages, and pushes the results to a centrally stored spreadsheet or database table for your review.

Data mining can be a slow, repetitive and error-prone process. ThinkAutomation can handle it accurately and automatically – both in bulk and via narrower custom extraction rules.

Plus, ThinkAutomation goes beyond scraping site data. It can also parse that data into a number of places and formats, so you can do more with the information acquired.


Web form automation

Use ThinkAutomation to run form submission follow-ups

You have a “click to call” form on your website. When a user submits it, ThinkAutomation bridges a call to the phone number entered. After speaking your chosen message to confirm, it then connects the call to the relevant team member.

You have multiple forms on your website, handling multiple processes. No matter what the form, ThinkAutomation can automate the necessary post-submission sequence.

That could be triggering a drip email campaign, updating a database, or any other required action. ThinkAutomation quietly and invisibly monitors the form, then performs the admin after its completion.


Transaction handling

Use ThinkAutomation to process web sales

A new customer makes an online purchase. ThinkAutomation tracks this activity and then starts the execution of your transaction workflow: from original web order, to CRM record creation, to confirmation email, to follow-up email upon delivery.

Put ThinkAutomation behind your website to run time-saving transaction workflows. Our software bots can parse orders and update disparate systems to process a sale from start to finish.

First, ThinkAutomation extracts the data from the web order. Then, it uses your ‘if’ rules to determine where to push that data and what actions to run in response.


Auto-update a website

Use ThinkAutomation to push data to web feeds

You have a customer feedback area on your website where you display happy community comments. Whenever you receive a tweet about your brand, ThinkAutomation scores it for sentiment. If the tweet is positive, it then pushes it to your web feedback stream.

Perhaps you update your website with the number of high-demand items left in stock. Perhaps you show a counter of how many items have sold recently. Or perhaps you have a Twitter feed onsite.

Whatever the need or the source, ThinkAutomation can retrieve key data and use it to push updates to your website automatically.


Add intranet information

Use ThinkAutomation to auto-post to intranet

You want to celebrate instances where team members have received great customer feedback. ThinkAutomation parses your support tickets, then automatically shares comments from high-scoring tickets to your chosen intranet area.

It’s not just your customer-facing website that ThinkAutomation can update. You can hook it into your private company intranet, too.

This means you can automatically push key business events – critical issues, new sales, reports and metrics – to a central location for all your team members to see.


Push content to the cloud

Use ThinkAutomation to sync data with cloud storage systems

You company stores invoices in an access-restricted Dropbox folder. Whenever you receive an email with an invoice attachment, ThinkAutomation will extract the attachment and automatically save it to the designated cloud folder.

ThinkAutomation can automatically sync data and documents to your cloud storage systems – whether it’s SharePoint, Dropbox, or Microsoft Azure.

Our software bots use ‘if’ rules to upload files to the relevant web folder. This secures the important content you want to archive, and makes for seamless file distribution.


Process website feedback

Use ThinkAutomation to manage web comments

You have an online survey area for customers to answer questions and rate their experience. ThinkAutomation collects all the results and uses them to generate a monthly sentiment report, complete with key promoters and detractors.

Collating customer feedback online takes time. Processing that web feedback and running actions against it takes even longer. So, use ThinkAutomation to help.

You can design workflows spanning auto-responses, CRM updates, spreadsheet entry, sentiment analysis, report generation and more. Your feedback will then be conditionally and automatically processed.


Create JSON

Use ThinkAutomation to read, create, and run JSON

You use ThinkAutomation to read JSON. It then takes variables, puts them into a pre-written code template, and runs. You use this in your live production workflow to push data smoothly and automatically.

Loading and manipulating JSON is a useful part of any web developer’s toolkit. Let ThinkAutomation help you automate your key JSON processes.

Our software bots can both parse JSON formatted documents and create JSON text. This helps make JSON text easier to create, understand, and act on through your triggers and ‘if’ rules.


Detect downtime

Use ThinkAutomation to run web outage workflows

Your website goes down. ThinkAutomation detects the outage, and makes an outbound call to the on-call telephone – speaking a pre-set message. It then pushes out an automatic tweet alerting your audience to the outage and apologising for any inconvenience caused.

When your website goes down, it’s important to take swift responsive steps. ThinkAutomation can automate those steps on your behalf as part of an outage sequence.

This works on a series of triggers and rules. You have ThinkAutomation regularly pinging your website to detect its status, then design the rules to handle unexpected downtime.


The workflow builder

ThinkAutomation lets you build your web workflows, your way. There are no limits to the number of workflows you can create, or the number of steps you can include. Our workflow builder is built on a foundation of conditions, triggers, and actions. You set the conditions, and our software bots will do the rest.


First, you define a condition. This will behave as an "if-check" for your trigger.


Next, the trigger will fire an action when the relevant event happens. A trigger might be a ping result, or the submission of a web order.


An action will then process and complete your first automation step. For example, this is where our software bots might update a web page or an external system.

Get building

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