ThinkAutomation retrieves data from multiple sources


ThinkAutomation checks this data against your social media ‘if’ rules


When a condition is met, ThinkAutomation is then triggered to run the relevant action

Workflows for Social

Schedule posts

Use ThinkAutomation to time social updates

You have a planned office closure pending. So, you use ThinkAutomation to plan out your social media posts during the closure – entering your chosen content alongside the chosen dates and times.

ThinkAutomation can post to the main three social media sites for business: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. So, you can use it to schedule posts.

You simply tell ThinkAutomation what to post, on what channel, and at what time. From there, our software bots will push out the desired content.


Trigger posts

Use ThinkAutomation to post reactively online

Your website goes down. ThinkAutomation monitors server activity and triggers the relevant outage sequence into action – including pushing out social media updates to alert your audience to the issue.

As well as scheduled social media posts, ThinkAutomation can also trigger into action to send out contextual, conditional updates.

This means you can automatically respond to key business events online, using a series of ‘if’ rules. (If this happens, then post that to Twitter.)



Use ThinkAutomation to send speedy social replies

You receive a new tweet containing your ‘@’ handle. ThinkAutomation picks up this tweet and runs the content through its analysis engine. It can then send a thank you, an apology, or any other message based on the sentiment and/or word choices found.

Consumers have high expectations when it comes to Twitter response times. To meet those expectations round the clock, use our software bots to reply automatically and accurately.

ThinkAutomation can monitor Twitter, parse tweets and run them against your rules and conditions. So, you can create a series of responses for almost any class of enquiry, comment or complaint.


Monitor keywords

Use ThinkAutomation to track company and competitor mentions

You’ve just launched a new product, and want to keep track of what people are saying about it. ThinkAutomation monitors Twitter round the clock for any new mentions of the keyword(s) specified, and collates all these tweets into a handy spreadsheet.

People are mentioning your brand online. They’re also mentioning your products, your competitors, and questions pertaining to your industry or offering.

Tracking all those mentions is time-consuming – let alone acting on them. So, use ThinkAutomation to monitor the keywords that matter to you, then define workflows for automated follow-ups.


Run sentiment reports

Use ThinkAutomation to mine public opinion

You want support with the financial trade decision-making process. ThinkAutomation mines many thousands of tweets to generate a sentiment report on different companies or products. You can then use this analysis to predict stock market movements and sound investments.

Using unlimited messages parsed from Twitter, ThinkAutomation can produce reports on public opinion and where preferences lie. This works using inbuilt sentiment analysis algorithms.

Our software bots collect the data that fits your specified criteria. Then, they analyse this data for sentiment, giving you a calculated insight into public feelings on your company’s interest areas.


Stream social content to web feeds

Use ThinkAutomation to share posts and comments

You have an ecommerce site with a customer feedback wall. Whenever a customer sends a tweet with a highly positive sentiment score, ThinkAutomation automatically pushes that tweet to your website feed.

Our software bots can help you spread great social posts further. Because ThinkAutomation can retrieve social media data and push updates to different systems, it can auto-update your website.

That could be parsing a live stream of your Twitter content to a web footer, it could be feeding customer comments into a review area, or it could be sharing complaints to a private intranet page.


Add customer tweets to CRM

Use ThinkAutomation to sync social activity

A customer sends you feedback via Twitter. ThinkAutomation parses the messages and searches your CRM for a name or handle match. If a match is found within a customer record, it then adds this latest communication to their account – keeping your records up-to-date.

Typically, customer tweets relating to your business would remain locked within Twitter. An employee would have to manually search your CRM and copy-paste the tweet to save it to a record.

ThinkAutomation can handle this process automatically. Just as it would parse a customer email and use it to update the customer’s CRM record, it will do the same with their tweets to your brand.


Create support tickets

Use ThinkAutomation to escalate social complaints

You have a Twitter account dedicated to technical support/customer service. This account receives a highly negative tweet about your brand. ThinkAutomation retrieves the tweet, analyses its sentiment and then auto-creates a priority support ticket using the tweet details.

The last thing you want is for angry customers to build a head of steam on social media. So, not only can ThinkAutomation auto-respond to problem tweets, it can also escalate them.

Our software bots can create support tickets as part of your workflows – in response to particularly adverse tweets. This helps you identify and resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Generate alerts

Use ThinkAutomation to nudge and notify

You receive a flurry of tweets way above your usual levels. ThinkAutomation monitors the movement, and sends a triggered email to the relevant or on-call employee alerting them to the unusual account activity.

Using your ‘if’ rules, ThinkAutomation can send alerts to employees in response to potential social media problems. That could be an automated email, an SMS, a call or an IM.

This means suspicious, unusual or important events happening on your social accounts are brought to your attention – bridging the channel gap between issues and awareness.


Collect social media leads

Use ThinkAutomation to fill your sales pipeline

You want to find all the potential customers enquiring about a service that you can provide. So, you set ThinkAutomation to monitor Twitter for users posting topical questions. It then captures all lead tweets and parses them into emails before pushing out to the relevant inbox.

There could be many potential customers hidden in plain sight on Twitter. They’re talking about a service that you could provide, but they might not know you exist.

Our software bots can find these potential leads and pass them onto your sales team, using smart keyword recognition and speedy data parsing.


Automate customer service processes

Use ThinkAutomation to run social-triggered service workflows

A customer sends a delivery question via Twitter. ThinkAutomation retrieves the tweet, extracts the delivery reference number, and uses it to cross-reference your database. It then pulls the latest progress update from your database and sends a tweet back to the customer.

ThinkAutomation can automate larger customer service workflows based on social media messages, executing tiered workflows across multiple systems.

So, you can do everything from sending hyper-personalised replies to each user, to bridging calls, to updating files and folders. You give ThinkAutomation the sequence, and it executes it on your behalf.


The workflow builder

ThinkAutomation lets you build your social media workflows, your way. There are no limits to the number of workflows you can create, or the number of steps you can include. Our workflow builder is built on a foundation of conditions, triggers, and actions. You set the conditions, and our software bots will do the rest.


First, you define a condition. This will behave as an "if-check" for your trigger.


Next, the trigger will fire an action when the relevant event happens. A trigger might be a tweet containing a certain keyword, or coming from a particular sender.


An action will then process and complete your first automation step. For example, this is where our software bots might push out a post or update a web feed.

Get building

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