Your inbound emails all pass through ThinkAutomation


The ThinkAutomation software bots analyse each email to parse and process


Triggers kick into motion to send relevant responses, or perform the right follow-up action

Workflows for Email

Create new records

Use ThinkAutomation to automatically input email data

You have a shared sales mailbox. ThinkAutomation monitors this mailbox and automatically adds new prospects to your CRM, complete with their name, number, email address and interest.

Our software bots extract key information from your emails: contact details, purchase order numbers, even attachment content.

ThinkAutomation then inputs this information into your database or CRM. Instead of manual data entry, our software bots enable automatic, accurate database entries.


Update your systems

Use ThinkAutomation to keep your customer records up to date

You send a mass email asking customers for feedback. ThinkAutomation automatically parses each customer’s response into their individual CRM record, syncing thousands of emails in moments.

The ThinkAutomation software bots can assign information to existing tables and fields in your databases or CRM. This is great for keeping your customer accounts current.

Whenever an existing customer sends you an email, ThinkAutomation will add that email content to their record. This gives you a full overview of customer history – without the admin.


Auto-respond to emails

Use ThinkAutomation to automate your customer service processes

A customer emails asking for an update on their order. ThinkAutomation uses the sender details to cross-reference your databases, and check for delivery progress. It then sends the customer an automated response containing dispatch dates and an ETA.

Our software bots offer a sophisticated auto-response service. ThinkAutomation can automatically reply to certain emails, to help you speed up your response windows.

Using data pulled from emails coupled with rule-based logic, our software bots generate correct, personalised responses to your customers.


Analyse email repositories

Use ThinkAutomation to analyse emails for sentiment, sales and key metrics

You want to gauge the general mood of your customers, based on the masses of emails received. So, use ThinkAutomation to monitor your mailboxes for positive and negative sentiment. Our software bots can then calculate overall satisfaction scores on both a historical and scheduled basis.

Our software bots are great at automated email analysis. ThinkAutomation can monitor emails for things like emotive phrases, product names, number of departmental emails, or any other metric.

From there, you can create workflows to analyse the information acquired. Our bots can parse your data into reports, analyse emails for sentiment, or identify conversion opportunities.


Backup your data

Use ThinkAutomation to back up your emails in a centralised message store

Your business receives thousands of incoming emails each day. Keeping up with the maintenance of storing those emails in several locations is likely to be expensive. Instead, use the inbuilt ThinkAutomation message store as your automated backup service.

ThinkAutomation is ideal for email backups. Whenever it processes an email you receive, it stores a copy of each message in its own separate ‘Message Store’ database.

This provides a useful central repository of your important company and customer emails. Your data is protected against deletion, with no limit on the number of emails stored.


Convert file formats

Use ThinkAutomation to convert your email attachments

Your HR department typically receives CVs in PDF format. ThinkAutomation can convert those PDF CVs into image or text files to allow for editing. Plus, it can automatically parse the content of the PDF directly into a database, CRM or spreadsheet.

The ThinkAutomation software bots are great at attachment processing. They can convert to and from PDF, as well as parsing your attachment content.

This is a handy security boon. It allows you to open automatically converted email attachments in a secure PDF format – without losing the means to edit and extract information.


Extract email information

Use ThinkAutomation to extract and store important information

You keep a spreadsheet of customers who might be likely to give you a testimonial or case study. ThinkAutomation scans incoming emails for positive phrases, and extracts any highly complimentary comments into your spreadsheet, alongside customer contact details.

Often, you only want specific information from your emails extracted into a specific location. ThinkAutomation can also migrate data down to this granular level.

Our software bots can administrate individual documents and folders, feeding explicit data into locations as exact as spreadsheet fields or as insular as private intranet pages.


Translate email content

Use ThinkAutomation to save all your records in one language

You have customers in multiple countries. ThinkAutomation helps you email them back and forth in the same language, while keeping your database and CRM records translated to a single language.

Our software bots scan your emails to detect the language used. If the language is not your native one, the bots will automatically translate the email.

Translated content is then appended to the email, and stored in your database. Plus, ThinkAutomation supports over 60 languages (both to and from), so you can help customers across the globe.


Follow-up phone calls

Use ThinkAutomation in your telephony workflows

A cancellation request hits your customer services mailbox. ThinkAutomation extracts contact details to call the customer on the spot. After speaking a pre-recorded message to ask if the customer would like to speak to a team member, ThinkAutomation connects them to a retention officer immediately.

Our software bots can follow up on your emails with a phone call. Through a powerful Twilio integration, ThinkAutomation bridges triggered two-way calls.

This could be an automated call to an employee that reads aloud urgent email content, or a connect call between a customer and a manager following a critical issue or hot sales opportunity.


Upload new content

Use ThinkAutomation to manage and distribute content from emails

You want all your signed customer contracts saving in a private company Dropbox folder, as backup. ThinkAutomation detects any contracts coming in via email, and automatically uploads them to the desired destination.

ThinkAutomation works across your cloud storage systems, from SharePoint to Dropbox to Microsoft Azure. This integration enables our software bots to offer an automated file distribution system.

ThinkAutomation can directly upload content from your emails to the relevant online folder, stripping the important files that you want to archive.


Mailbox management

Use ThinkAutomation to automate shared inbox processes

You have an Exchange Server mailbox that handles order queries. ThinkAutomation can auto-respond to emails that follow a regular format, and mark them as “Complete.” For emails that follow an irregular format, it can mark with a “Follow up” for human attention.

Our software bots are great at whizzing through high-traffic mailboxes. ThinkAutomation can monitor your emails and automate the workflows of shared company inboxes.
It could be forwarding critical emails to a manager, responding to routine enquiries, syncing data to a third-party system or updating the status of emails: our software bots can manage your mailboxes.


The workflow builder

ThinkAutomation lets you build your email workflows, your way. There are no limits to the number of workflows you can create, or the number of steps you can include. Our workflow builder is built on a foundation of conditions, triggers, and actions. You set the conditions, and our software bots will do the rest.


First, you define a condition. This will behave as an "if-check" for your trigger.


Next, the trigger will fire an action when the relevant event happens. This could be an email containing a specific keyword, or coming from a particular sender.


An action will then process and complete your first automation step. For example, this is where our software bots might create a CRM record, or update a database.

Get building

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