ThinkAutomation reads inbound messages from multiple sources


Our software bots check each message against your rules and conditions


When a condition is met, ThinkAutomation is then triggered to perform the relevant CRM action

Workflows for CRM

Update a CRM

Use ThinkAutomation to automatically push data to your CRM

A lead registers interest through an online form. ThinkAutomation parses the web form, then uses the details submitted to auto-create a new record in your CRM complete with all the info you need.

ThinkAutomation auto-updates your CRM with customer data. Our software bots monitor messages from POP3, IMAP and Exchange servers, Twitter feeds, web pages, RSS feeds and external databases.

After reading your inbound messages, ThinkAutomation then uses ‘if’ rules to extract information and migrate it across to your CRM. This keeps all your customer records together in one place.


Send automated campaigns

Use ThinkAutomation to automate customer emails

A customer starts a free trial of your service online. ThinkAutomation will then manage your scheduled onboarding emails, pushing out a series of time-based messages over the duration of the trial period.

Our software bots can automate your outbound emails – from auto-responses, to ongoing lifecycle comms, to scheduled marketing campaigns.

You create a series of ‘if this, then that’ type rules for ThinkAutomation to follow. From there, it will use triggers to smoothly and seamlessly push the right email to the right person at the right time.


Customer data extraction

Use ThinkAutomation for advanced data segmentation

You want to re-engage customers who haven’t had any interaction with the company in the last six months. ThinkAutomation continually checks your CRM for accounts with this period of inactivity. When a new record is found, your automatic re-engagement email is sent.

ThinkAutomation can perform automated CRM data extraction, running advanced data pulls on either a scheduled or spontaneous basis.

This makes it easy for you to segment and manipulate your customer data. You can collate the lists you need for targeted campaigns, extracting data based on any number of factors.


Track customer sentiment

Use ThinkAutomation for CRM sentiment analysis

You want to create more case studies of your service. So, you use ThinkAutomation to track highly positive sentiment in your CRM records. Our software bots will then pull out customers that would be most receptive to providing testimonials.

Our software bots are great at measuring customer sentiment. ThinkAutomation can monitor your CRM records for emotive phrases, to help you track customer mood.

From there, you can create workflows to act on the information acquired. Our bots can parse your data into reports, identify conversion opportunities, or detect high-risk customers.


CRM bridging

Use ThinkAutomation to integrate data sources

You need to continually sync data between a database and your CRM.  ThinkAutomation can monitor your database activity, detect new input, and push that data to the right place in your CRM – all automatically and in the background.

ThinkAutomation can make different data sources communicate with each other. Your data can be pushed, retrieved and modified from application to CRM, for synchronisation across your systems.

This bridging can be a simple data push. Or, it can be part of an automated workflow running a series of conditional actions. Either way, ThinkAutomation makes your data fluid from system to CRM.


CRM record translation

Use ThinkAutomation to keep accounts in a single language

An international customer sends you an email in German. ThinkAutomation detects the language, and translates that email into English. This translated content is then appended to the email, and stored in your CRM against the relevant customer account.

ThinkAutomation supports over 60 languages — both to and from. This is handy for translations, helping keep customer CRM records stored in your language of choice.

Our software bots scan inbound messages to detect the language used. If the language is not your native one, ThinkAutomation will automatically translate before pushing to your CRM.


CRM reports

Use ThinkAutomation to run automated reports

You want to run an automated profitability report at the start of each month, calculating which customers make the biggest contribution to your revenue. So, you create a custom ThinkAutomation report that runs on schedule.

ThinkAutomation comes complete with a report designer. This allows you to build custom reports on your CRM, for open-ended analysis of your information and CRM activity.

Reports use data from your selected CRM fields to measure the metrics you need. Plus, for more comprehensive reporting, they can also link to external data sources.


Data backups

Use ThinkAutomation for comms backup and restore

Your SQL Server database has suffered a failure. To access all the messages processed to your CRM that day, you can see full copies (including attachments) inside the ThinkAutomation message store.

ThinkAutomation provides a data backup service. Every CRM record it updates and every message it parses is logged separately in the ThinkAutomation message store.

This helps you ensure your comms are traceable and secure. Automatically, your CRM is protected against factors such as accidental data deletion, system failure, user migration and IT disaster.


CRM counters

Use ThinkAutomation to track and count CRM values

You want to track customer mentions of a legacy offer or service. So, you use ThinkAutomation to assign tokens to CRM data based on keyword inclusion. You can then pull reports at any time, to track trends and attitudes.

ThinkAutomation has a token system that helps you look more analytically at your CRM. This works by adding tokens for data input that you’d like to log, such as keywords or field values.

From there, our software bots will track, count and run reports on the CRM input you’d most like to monitor. Counter values are continually updated, for subsequent analysis.


Record cleansing

Use ThinkAutomation to keep your CRM healthy

You want to ensure that all your telephone numbers have been formatted with the correct country code. So, you create a rule that checks customer records against their geolocation, and updates the country call code accordingly.

ThinkAutomation can help you keep your CRM clean. With our software bots, not only are your CRM records kept up to date, they are also kept in order.

Using conditional processing, obsolete data can be removed and invalid entries correctly formatted. And, since data is added smoothly and automatically, the margin for manual error drops.


CRM uploads

Use ThinkAutomation to upload files to your CRM

A customer has signed and scanned a contract, and sent it via email. ThinkAutomation takes that email attachment, converts it into a PDF, and uploads it against the customer’s CRM account.

ThinkAutomation is excellent at document processing. Automatically, it takes files and attachments, converts them into different formats if necessary, and uploads them to the right CRM destination.

This is useful for supplementing your CRM with additional information. You get the full story, with well-documented records populated with relevant supporting files.


The workflow builder

ThinkAutomation lets you build your CRM workflows, your way. There are no limits to the number of workflows you can create, or the number of steps you can include. Our workflow builder is built on a foundation of conditions, triggers, and actions. You set the conditions, and our software bots will do the rest.


First, you define a condition. This will behave as an "if-check" for your trigger.


Next, the trigger will fire an action when the relevant event happens. This could be the creation of an online account, or an email containing extreme sentiment.


An action will then process and complete your first automation step. For example, this is where our software bots might send part of a drip campaign, or upload a file to a CRM account.

Get building

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