ThinkAutomation makes thousands of automated workflows and actions possible. That open-ended scale can be daunting for someone just starting out. So, our custom training helps you discover and master ThinkAutomation.

robotic process automation training

Remote web sessions

You might only want an overview of creating workflows, with guided instructions and some sample use cases to get you started.

In this instance, we can provide lighter web-based training. This is a great option for more technical users who only need a helping hand via online tutorial.

Onsite support

We can also visit you onsite to provide hands-on support. This can be a comprehensive training day, a quick-paced half day or a concentrated one to one masterclass.

Each onsite session is tailored to your company. We still provide an overarching outline of ThinkAutomation, but the workflows and actions covered are based on your group's specific needs.

robotic and business process automation consulting

Cross-company training

The tasks a finance team might automate differ from the automation needs of a help desk team. Sales and marketing will use automation differently than a HR team, or a programming team.

So, to help open automation up to your whole business, we can create different training courses for different departments.

Ongoing access to help

Help doesn’t end with your initial training session. As well as providing you with supporting training documentation, we’ll also check in with you for post-training follow-ups.

Plus, we have an inhouse team of technicians only ever a call or a message away. And, to help you help yourself, we also offer extensive ThinkAutomation help files as well as a busy user Community.

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