ThinkAutomation is a smart tool for bridging triggered calls. Our Twilio integration means you can add automated outbound calling to your workflows, to act instantly on issues and opportunities.

1. Monitor triggers

ThinkAutomation monitors your inbound data and checks it against ‘if’ rules

2. Make call

When a condition is met, ThinkAutomation is triggered to bridge a call

3. Handle call

Our software bots can then speak text, forward calls, or follow your desired handling path

Call an IT manager upon system failure
Power a sales call after web form submission
Enable ‘click to call’ on a website
Bridge retention call following cancellation request
Make automated appointment reminder call
Contact on-call staff with critical support ticket
Complete call-backs at a requested time
Follow up complaint email with customer service call
Call a prospect after email opened
Send automated call to renew a subscription
Feedback request call following support interaction
Make scheduled calls based on calendar details
Automated employee call on office closure
Call customers when delivery is imminent
Bridge a sales call following enquiry email
Connect customer with support based on urgency
Bulk calling using call lists
Automated call to confirm a dispatch
Call-back missed calls during office hours
Bridge a security call following suspicious activity
Send booking confirmation via automated call
Schedule outbound onboarding calls
Connect a prospect with a rep following a demo booking
Set up automated survey calls
And countless more

Hundreds of combinations

Twilio calling offers multiple process combinations and integrations. You could just set up simple scheduled calling, or you could include call triggers and subsequent actions into larger workflows.

You set up automated Twilio calling by feeding ThinkAutomation with logical ‘if this, then that’ type rules. From there, it runs the desired sequence every time. For example:

If a support ticket contains the word “outage”

Call the on-call telephone and speak the ticket text

Send automated pre-set ticket response to the customer

If a customer completes an online enquiry form

Call customer and speak text to ask if they would like to connect to an agent

Connect the call to a sales representative

If customer membership is approaching expiry

Send reminder to customer service agent to call at set time

Bridge the call on the time and date scheduled

Ready to start Twilio calling?

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