ThinkAutomation is a useful IT bridging tool. It can link separate applications, connecting your systems and sharing data across key touchpoints.

1. Call a web service

If a product has a web API, ThinkAutomation can connect to it

2. Return the results

The results are then returned to pre-defined ThinkAutomation fields or variables

3. Run actions

ThinkAutomation uses conditional processing to talk to the product and tell it to do things

Call a web service
Connect to a web API
Parse data into legacy programs
Extract data from third party systems
Execute actions in external applications
Push updates to a WordPress site
Parse timesheets into accounting software
Hook into map/location APIs
Send data across a chain of systems
Close dysfunctional applications
Update an intranet page
Trigger programs to run
Parse spreadsheet data into finance software
Monitor running IT systems
Sync inbound messages to databases
Push content to cloud storage
Combine data from multiple web services
Trigger Twilio calls
Verify data before entry
Check and standardise data before storage
Log customer emails in a CRM
Event-driven extractions and actions
Filter, join and aggregate data
Migrate data from legacy programs
Trigger emails and alerts on app failure
Parse CVs into HR software
Hook third-party programs together
Analyse and report on app performance
Push data from document to document
And countless more

Hundreds of combinations

When it comes to IT bridging, ThinkAutomation offers thousands of different integrations, actions and process combinations.

You use logical ‘If’ statements to define how you want your programs to interact with one another. (If this happens in one application, then run this action in another.) For example:

If an email attachment is over a set file size

Send it to a third-party compression program

Upload compressed file to a cloud folder

If a numerical change is made to a customer CRM record

Extract the new data

Push it to your invoicing software

If an application stops responding

Force the program to restart

Send an alert to the IT team

Ready to bridge your systems?

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