ThinkAutomation is a smart email parsing tool. It monitors your incoming emails, picks up each new message, parses it, pulls the relevant data and pushes that data to the relevant place.

1. Email arrives

Your inbound emails all pass through ThinkAutomation

2. Parsed by ThinkAutomation

ThinkAutomation searches for keywords, identifies context and extracts key information

3. Data migration

Email data is then synced to the right place in your systems, based on rule-based logic

Update a database record
Create a new CRM contact
Upload an attachment to Google Drive
Data entry into a spreadsheet
Create a backup email store
Forward an attachment to a manager
Sync an iCal calendar
Update a product inventory
Export data into a report
Upload content to a Dropbox folder
Store attachment as a PDF
Attach information to a support ticket
Update an Outlook contact record
Send sanitised info to an SQL database
Upload a file to a SharePoint site
Add/update an Exchange Server contact record
Feed data into a CSV file
Share an attachment via Slack
Update a Windows Azure Blob
Upload content to OneDrive
Update messages in Exchange Server
Forward priority emails to a set mailbox
Archive a message into an MSG file
Export data into a sentiment trainer
Upload files to Amazon S3
Update a SharePoint folder
Send information to an intranet page
Export a Word attachment as a JPEG
Forward content in a Skype alert
And countless more

Hundreds of combinations

Email parsing can be a simple one step process, or it can involve a chain of actions as part of a larger workflow. You define the rules, and the ThinkAutomation software bots execute them.

You set up your email parsing workflows using conditional processing. (If this, then that.) For example:

If sender is a customer

Update the customer's CRM record

Create a new CRM record with extracted data

If the recipient is out of office AND the email is high importance

Forward the email to a central team mailbox

Create a support ticket with the email attached

If the email contains a PDF attachment

Extract the content into a database record

Upload the PDF to Dropbox

Ready to start parsing?

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