ThinkAutomation is great at document processing. Our software bots can parse email attachments, convert files, extract and upload data, and eliminate the admin that comes with file management.

1. ThinkAutomation gets the document

Documents can be attachments to incoming messages or files on your computer

2. Parses the document

ThinkAutomation checks the content and context of the document against pre-defined rules

3. Processes the document

Triggered actions are then ran on the document for automatic processing

Upload email attachments to CRM accounts
Parse content from documents into database fields
Convert PDF documents to image or text files
Extract and upload data from PDF attachments
Create mail merges with fields extracted from incoming messages
Upload email attachments to Dropbox
Export data from spreadsheets into database tables
Convert incoming emails into PDF
Extract content from Word documents into CRM records
Push customer details into PDF invoices
Convert Word attachments into PDF
Save incoming attachments to local computer folders
Upload files to Amazon S3
Add attachments to outgoing messages
Feed data into a CSV file
Render web pages as a PDF
Export a Word attachment as a JPEG
Upload documents and attachments to SharePoint
Attach files to a support ticket
Extract and print message content
Create custom reports that are saved as PDF
Rename attachments with field values extracted from the email
Append a unique timestamp to the saved filename
Unzip zipped attachments
Convert JPEG files to PDF
Upload incoming attachments via FTP
Save documents and attachments to OneDrive
Transform, copy and convert files
Create and print shipping labels with extracted data
And countless more

Hundreds of combinations

You may only have a few core document processing needs. Or, you might want to incorporate automatic document processing within a larger workflow. Either way, ThinkAutomation can help.

Because ThinkAutomation uses conditional processing, your workflows can take whatever form you need.  You simply set up rules (if this, then that), and our software bots execute them. For example:

If an inbound email contains an attachment

The sender details match a customer CRM record

Upload the attachment to the customer’s CRM account

If an attachment contains the word “CV” or “Curriculum Vitae”

The attachment is a PDF

Extract the PDF content into an editable Word document

If an email contains a Word document

The email is not from a known or trusted sender

Convert attachment into a secure PDF

Ready to automate your document processing?

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