Use ThinkAutomation to create custom database queries and lookups as part of your workflows. Our software bots can pull data from your databases and run the required follow-up tasks automatically.

1. Perform parameterised queries

ThinkAutomation reads records from a database at scheduled or spontaneous intervals

2. Retrieve results

Query results are checked against your pre-defined rules and conditions

3. Execute triggers

Triggered actions will then be performed against each record returned

Email new customers added to the database
Send loyalty offer to customers after X years
Translate irregular records into a language of choice
Extract customers who have given marketing consent
Delete records after X years of inactivity
Run a report on product purchases
Send marketing SMS to entries with a mobile number
Back-up new records after X time
Drip emails based on customer time zone
Create a spreadsheet on customers within a location
Send a welcome tweet to new customers
Pull data of customers in X sector
Extract a list of unconverted prospects
Send an email to customers of a specific product
Create spreadsheet of customers due for renewal
Delete records with invalid formatting
Pull data of customers in X sector
Create a call list of customers with X account manager
Extract companies based on size
Email customers with high sentiment scores
Pull a list of previous customers
Lookup contacts with a specific job title
Parse negative feedback into a custom folder
Send emails to customers based on milestones
Re-format phone numbers based on company country code
Run custom greater than queries
Extract a list of high-value customers
Send re-engagement email after X weeks of inactivity
Lookup messages containing keywords
And countless more

Hundreds of combinations

Database pulls can incorporate as many lookups and actions as you can conceive. It might be simple, scheduled record cleansing, periodic extractions, or timed and tiered communication workflows.

You build your database pull rules using logical select statements and conditional processing. (Straightforward ‘if’, ‘then’, and ‘else’ type rules.) For example:

Select all new accounts created in the last 24 hours

The customer has given contact consent

Send them a welcome email

Select all records created over X years ago

The account is still active

Send the customer a loyalty offer

Select all customers located within the UK

The contact number does not begin with +44

Change the number to the correct format

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