ThinkAutomation comes to you strengthened by fifteen years of R&D. This represents many releases and much product enhancement. It also means that some customers are using installations of older editions. So, we can help with version migration.

Migrate custom configuration to current release

If you’re running an early edition of ThinkAutomation, (or even its first iteration Email2DB ), we can move you over to the current release with minimal disruption.

We can ensure that your existing setup – including triggers, actions and connected accounts – are all preserved and smoothly carried across into the new and improved edition.

Update your setup

We can progress as well as preserve. To help you optimise your ThinkAutomation setup, we can also fine-tune your existing configuration when we complete a version migration.

That could be adjusting workflows to include new actions and integrations, or pruning redundant steps. You get the same automation service you’re used to, but with the benefits of an updated offering.

Complete review and rebuild

Version migration often highlights a huge new range of opportunities for customers with legacy deployments. In these instances, we can offer a complete review and rebuild of your setup.

We’ll start from scratch, evaluating your needs and consulting on how ThinkAutomation can best meet them. From there, we can re-configure ThinkAutomation entirely for best possible results.

Sandbox environment

We can eliminate potential service interruption by testing your new ThinkAutomation setup in a secure environment before deployment.

Your accounts, triggers and new workflows are first tested in a development area. Only when satisfied of performance will we migrate your service to live production servers.

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