The ThinkAutomation partner pack

What are we offering you in terms of a ThinkAutomation partnership? Here’s the overview of your licence discounts, your access to our team, and your rights as a reseller.


Resources and brochures

Need some ready-made sales assets? Or some information to help you discuss and pitch our product? Download what you need below.

  • ThinkAutomation product brochure DOWNLOAD
  • ThinkAutomation use case DOWNLOAD
  • A partner’s guide to framing ThinkAutomation: product USPs DOWNLOAD
  • A partner’s guide to framing ThinkAutomation: key product information DOWNLOAD

Media enquiries

Working on a ThinkAutomation story? Please contact us via email using


Product screenshots

Get high-resolution assets of ThinkAutomation in use.



For use as you find them - no modification please.


Brand guidelines

Want to use ThinkAutomation branding in your own materials? These guidelines will help you use our brand the right way.