Want to use robotic process automation for marketing workflows? Here’s how ThinkAutomation can help.

Drip marketing

Send all your drip campaigns, lifecycle comms and automated emails via ThinkAutomation. Your automated emails can be time-based, or they can be reactive and sent based on triggers.

This works based on “if this, then that” type rules that you set up. Once set up, our software bots will smoothly send your outbound email campaigns to the right contact(s), at the right time.

Email list management

Perhaps you need to automatically add form field submissions to a prospect email list. Perhaps you need to pull a list of customers based on their location or industry, and keep it auto-updated.

Whatever your email list need, ThinkAutomation can help. Our software bots can automatically extract data from your database or CRM, for advanced segmentation of email lists.

CRM updates

Use ThinkAutomation to sync data to your CRM. Whenever a customer sends you a message – be it an email, a tweet, a ticket, a webform message – our software bots are there to parse and process.

This means your CRM is kept current with fresh data. Instead of manually inputting information, ThinkAutomation creates and updates CRM records on your behalf.

SMS campaigns

Create SMS marketing campaigns with ThinkAutomation. Our platform provides the opportunity to send targeted SMS messages at scale, then act on the results and responses.

It could be a competition hotline, an opt-in offer, a feedback system, or any number of campaigns. You create the content and define the SMS workflows. From there, our software bots send and automate.

Sentiment analysis

ThinkAutomation comes complete with powerful sentiment analysis functionality. This gives you the ability to conduct fine-tuned brand appreciation and customer satisfaction reports.

You can identify prospects for marketing outreach. You can analyse feedback and mentions. With sentiment analysis, you can get an accurate, automated and ongoing overview of brand perception.

Twitter monitoring

ThinkAutomation helps you keep your finger on the Twitter pulse. Our software bots can scan for Twitter content related to your brand, your products, your industry and your competitors.

You simply tell ThinkAutomation the keywords or accounts you’d like it to monitor, and how you’d like it to act on the information. From there, it will track and report round the clock.

Social automation

Use ThinkAutomation for far-reaching social media automation. First, it can post on your behalf. This could be auto-replies based on pre-set rules, scheduled updates or triggered posts.

Plus, it can process. Social media messages can be synced with your CRM against a customer profile, relevant content curated, and custom social reports ran. This is all automatic, all in the background.

Content management

ThinkAutomation offers a handy content management system. You can use it to upload, process and distribute content across your systems, without the manual effort.

Our software bots integrate across content touchpoints like a CMS, Slack, Dropbox, intranets and databases. Then, using your ‘if’ rules, ThinkAutomation syncs files and messages to the desired destination.

Web form data capture

Automate the kickback processes that come with form submissions. ThinkAutomation monitors your web forms, extracts submitted data, and then runs automated follow-up actions.

This can be as simple as a data push to your CRM or to a spreadsheet, or it can be part of a larger workflow involving triggered comms and multiple webhooks.

Clean your records

ThinkAutomation is useful for cleaning up your CRM records and email lists. Based on the rules you set up, you can ensure that data is correctly formatted before entering your CRM.

For example, emails can be translated, and data sanitised and normalised. Lists can be auto-formatted and updated. Plus, you can keep your email lists current with automated re-opt-in emails.

Lead processing

Our software bots can bridge calls between prospects and employees the moment interest is registered. They can fire off emails or SMS messages. They can forward leads to the sales team.

With a few “If” statements and clever workflow planning, ThinkAutomation can automate almost any way you’d like your different classes of leads to be processed and followed up.

Customer analysis

ThinkAutomation makes complex customer analysis achievable. You can create custom CRM and database queries / lookups as part of your workflows, for analysis based on specific metadata.

From there, you can use the ThinkAutomation report designer to run automated analysis. You get open-ended data dissection, for fine-tuned customer reports.

Get building

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