Automate your business, without tying up your tech team in the process.

Our managed service package leaves ThinkAutomation orchestration to the pros who work it.

So, you can deliver your automation initiatives, minus the administration.

Power up your process automation

  • Expert setup of your automation environment
  • Custom deployment around your goals
  • Ongoing automation support
  • Management of new and existing automations

Leave out the legwork and free your time for IT strategy

Your own personal process automation force

With a managed service, you’re getting the equivalent of your own ThinkAutomation-focused internal IT guy. You’ve got somebody there to set up your automations, troubleshoot any problems, and help with any ongoing projects and optimisations. And you get it without the usual HR hassle and salary commitments.

Choose the approach that works for you

Go hands-off

Have your automation environment managed end-to-end. For you, ThinkAutomation just works – without ever having to get your hands dirty.

Get a helping hand

Prefer to stay involved in your automations? You can get the complex orchestration taken care of by the pros, but keep the flexibility to perform any basic, day to day functions in-house.

Select your own support tier

One size doesn’t fit all. So, choose from different tiers to support your needs – based on how many hours you need and on the complexity of your project.

Powered by leaders

We provide the software. Our partners, eClerx, provide the service. Combined, you get the best possible solution for your organisation.


An open-ended automation system designed to handle any business process, in any application, on any scale required

A state of the art, fully managed automation service delivered by partnered experts


Multinational world-leaders in providing business process management, automation, and analytics services

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