Want to use robotic process automation for technical workflows? Here’s how ThinkAutomation can help.

Bridge your software systems

ThinkAutomation bridges your systems and shares data across key touchpoints. Our software bots can call web services, connect to APIs and push information to third party programs.

For you, this means a seamless IT suite. Not only can ThinkAutomation push, retrieve, and modify information across your applications, it can also use rule-based logic to run set actions in those apps.

Maintain databases

Manage, update, and maintain your database automatically. ThinkAutomation reads messages from multiple sources, and extracts relevant information to update or create database records.

As well as syncing data, ThinkAutomation also performs database pulls and lookups. Our software bots can execute custom SQL commands, and trigger events in response to database changes.

Control services

ThinkAutomation can automatically run programs and control software services. Using parsed information as a parameter, our software bots can help manage your programs.

This means automated actions will trigger in the event of program errors, system failures, or data changes. It also means you can connect and control legacy software, for integrated IT workflows.

Run scripts

Use ThinkAutomation to execute automated scripts. Your scripts can be on-demand, scheduled, or triggered. They can contain any number of functions and sub-procedures, to fine-tune workflows.

You can also create scripts to tailor ThinkAutomation to your needs and run your own custom actions. So, if there’s not a specific action included, simply write your own script for it.

Execute PowerShell commands

ThinkAutomation uses triggers to auto-execute PowerShell commands. It can then act on the results using conditional processing.

This helps you keep your servers healthy, and control your Windows operating system administration on an automated, rule-based basis.

Back up data

Create a backup database with ThinkAutomation. All messages processed by our software bots are stored in a separate ‘Message Store’ database, with no volume or memory limits.

This protects your data from deletion at no extra charge. It also offers a central repository of important messages – including text, attachments, and a process log of any automated actions.

Manage alerts

ThinkAutomation can provide an IT alert management system. Our software bots monitor and act on business events — scanning for incoming keywords and system changes that indicate issues.

ThinkAutomation is then triggered to engage your tech team when problems arise. It cuts the time between alert and execution of the remediation action, helping you resolve critical issues faster.

Decrypt information

If you work in a regulated environment, ThinkAutomation can process your secured information. Our software bots can decrypt encrypted files automatically and safely.

You can run ThinkAutomation behind a DMZ, and it will then decrypt emails and incoming messages once in a secure location. This keeps your data flows fluid, without compromising privacy.

Update LDAP directories

ThinkAutomation performs automated LDAP searches and updates. You can create rules to auto-update internal records, change attributes for users, or monitor for unusual activity.

This allows IT teams to access and manage LDAP directory processes, without the manual data entry or repetitive admin.

Send TCP data

System administrators can use ThinkAutomation to send and receive TCP data, and run automated actions based on the results.

For you, this means systematic status monitoring. You can send scheduled or triggered pings to web services, then use our software bots to execute the necessary follow-up action.

Mailbox management

Our software bots execute intelligent workflows based on the context and content of emails you receive. This helps you manage and automate the processes behind shared or high-traffic mailboxes.

You can set rules to auto-respond, forward, translate, lookup location, extract data, convert attachments, detect risk, and more. Simple or tiered, the mailbox workflows achievable are myriad.

Create JSON

ThinkAutomation can both parse JSON formatted documents and create JSON text. This makes dense JSON output easier to create, understand, and act on through subsequent triggers.

Our software bots can read JSON, take variables, put them into a pre-written code template, and run. You can use this in live production workflows, pushing data automatically and pain-free.

Get building

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