Using sentiment analysis for ultimate brand intelligence

When it comes to your inbound messages, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. You’re receiving floods of emails, tweets, website comments, survey feedback and calls day in, day out, and it’s the work of entire teams just to stay responsive.

But in treading water, you’re losing sight of the bigger picture. Genuine opinions and experiences are buried beneath that ever-growing mound of messages, and it’s those opinions and experiences that illuminate how people really perceive your brand. Your true standing is somewhere within the torrents of text.

To unlock it, try sentiment analysis.

Extract meaning from millions of messages

Want to find out what your customers really think of you? Sentiment analysis reveals the public opinion of your brand, providing a fine-tuned evaluation of your incoming messages that calculates positive or negative feeling.

This is particularly powerful when combined with business process automation. ThinkAutomation, for example, monitors all the data coursing into your company, from all available sources: emails, texts, social messages, web forms, etc.

While it monitors, it measures. ThinkAutomation totes up sentiment scores that gauge how people feel about your service, using intelligent keyword recognition coupled with a highly sophisticated learning algorithm.

The result? A powerfully accurate overview of your public perception, produced with real feedback from real people – for a real opportunity to optimise.

Convert content to currency

Your inbound messages hold the key to improved profitability. ThinkAutomation scrutinises the sentiment of all messages streaming into your business, producing scores of 1-100. Even better, it alerts you immediately if ever you get a low score – enabling swift remedial action.

But the real beauty of that is the opportunity presented for your brand’s appreciation. Once you’ve identified the true feelings surrounding your service, you can go on to address issues, identify areas of improvement, enhance the overall customer experience and ultimately: increase both reputation and revenue.

You can stop second guessing, and start growing.

Under the hood

ThinkAutomation is a quick learner. Its sentiment analysis algorithm is powered by training, and the more you train it, the more intelligent it becomes.

So, you simply add positive and negative sentiment messages to the analyser database. ThinkAutomation then gets to work on differentiating between the two. It doesn’t just look at keywords such as “good” and “bad” – it also examines right down to syntactic effect and tone.

We handle the complexity, so you get clarity.

Get more value from your data

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