ThinkAutomation wins a 2021 “Top Performer Award” from SourceForge

ThinkAutomation is proud to be recognised as a Top Performer by the world’s largest software reviews and comparison website – SourceForge.

This prestigious award recognises companies and products with a significant amount of (recent) positive reviews from real users. Specifically, reviews so favourable that they rank in the top tenth percentile of all SourceForge products.

SourceForge President, Logan Abbott, comments:

“We’re excited to announce this year’s list of Summer 2021 Top Performers. Simply, ThinkAutomation showed that its users love the product. You can see this from the outstanding customer comments published onsite.”

Now, ThinkAutomation is in the top 10% of favourably reviewed products across SourceForge. A site that, according to recent statistics, hosts more than 502,000 projects and has more than 3.7 million registered users.

Stephen Parker, CEO at Parker Software (the makers of ThinkAutomation), comments:

“We’re honoured to accept the SourceForge Summer 2021 Top Performer Award. Our commitment is always to provide a best-in-class product. So, it’s great to see that our users are getting such benefits from ThinkAutomation.

“Public commendation by our customers is massively rewarding. This is particularly true after the work we’ve just put into the new version of the product – a version of which we’re enormously proud.

“A huge thank you to every customer who has taken the time to leave a review. We hope to continue delivering this same outstanding value in the months and years to come.”

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