Parker Software shortlisted as “Automation Technology Provider of the Year”


We’re delighted to announce that Parker Software has been shortlisted in the inaugral AI & Machine Learning Awards.

Presenting ThinkAutomation to the judges, we have been selected as a finalist in the “Automation Technology Provider of the Year” category.

Our story, as told in the awards submission, can be read below.


Parker Software presents ThinkAutomation

ThinkAutomation is a unique automation technology in terms of its scope and flexibility. It comes to customers as an open-ended workshop from which they can build out any workflow imaginable.

This works using rule-based logic. Customers create a series of ‘if’ rules, and ThinkAutomation runs them uninterrupted and in the background.

Due to the volume of actions, integrations, and process combinations possible, this open-ended configuration means that ThinkAutomation makes many thousands of workflows achievable.

Get, do, send

At its simplest level, ThinkAutomation automates data processing and executes subsequent triggered actions. Popular uses include areas like email parsing, database and CRM automation, IT bridging, data migration, auto-responses, document processing, and report and analysis generation.

However, this only scratches the surface of ThinkAutomation’s scale. The software uses three nodes: one to retrieve data, one to process that data, and one to send out responses. This core ‘get, do, send’ functionality applies itself to any workflow users could ever need to create.

Your workflows, your way

ThinkAutomation doesn’t come pre-loaded with set automated workflows. Nor does it power a set selection of actions. ThinkAutomation is altogether freer and more expansive.

So, users can build as many workflows as needed, to automate whatever process needed.  ‘If’ statements – If, Then, Else – create conditions. Then, users can drag and drop triggers and actions to define what should happen when a condition is met.

There is no cap on the number of rules or ‘if’ blocks allowed, the actions executed, or the volume of messages processed. Similarly, there is no cap on the integrations achievable. ThinkAutomation can connect to any product with a web API, as well as allowing users to write their own custom scripts. This creates an environment where workflows can reach any number of touchpoints, to perform any number of automated processes within.

Enormous processing power

This enormous potential is supported by enormous processing power. In any given day, ThinkAutomation can process hundreds, thousands, or even millions of messages.

On average, the software parses 5 billion emails each year. A standard deployment offers unlimited message processing, while additional clients and servers can handle even the heaviest processing needs.

Even better, this processing happens in seconds. ThinkAutomation checks for new messages every 30 seconds, and can then process these messages in a split second. So, workflows run rapidly and round the clock.

Control at the core

Not only does ThinkAutomation offer full configuration control, it also offers full installation control. The solution is on-premises. This means that users can take ownership of hosting. ThinkAutomation runs on your own servers, behind your own firewalls.

With ThinkAutomation, then, you can automate your operations with just one installation onto one internal machine. It can sit on a single network-connected workstation and run workflows automatically, from the moment the device is powered on.

ThinkAutomation is designed to empower users. It is a solution without restraints, from the scale of its actions and integrations right through to the core hosting setup.

If you can think it, ThinkAutomation can automate it

This lack of restraints means that customers can put ThinkAutomation to use in any team, for any purpose. And, due to the level of deployment control it provides users, it is not always possible to know every kind of workflow our customers end up creating.

However, we do know that use cases range from simple database syncing through to the unusual and unexpected.

Xerox, for example, uses ThinkAutomation to automate ticketing processes. Cisco uses it as an email integration broker to add contact records into their Oracle customer care and billing platform.

Meanwhile, the Addison Lee Group uses ThinkAutomation as an automated SMS platform sending timely updates to dispatchers and clients. One public sector organisation – Bozeman Council – even uses ThinkAutomation as a GIS mapping system for underground digging locate requests.

The point is that ThinkAutomation’s ‘get, do, send’ foundation makes it possible to automate anything the customer needs. If you can think it, ThinkAutomation can automate it.

Customer feedback

We work with thousands of customers. Some of these are SMEs looking for a cost-effective email parser, some are global giants looking for a multi-tiered automation solution. Big-name users include the likes of NASA, Fujitsu, Citrix, Dell and AVG.

No matter their size, one thing our customers have in common is their championship of ThinkAutomation. Feedback includes comments such as:

“The time savings so far in using ThinkAutomation have been considerable. We’re probably just scratching the surface of the potential efficiencies the product can provide an enterprise of our size.”


“Your service is top notch, as is the software. You’ve allowed our company to save a lot of money and do things we never could before. I recommend the product whenever I can.”

Lukie Games

“We have been using ThinkAutomation for over 10 years without a hitch or a problem. It is solid as a rock.”

ABM Integrated Solutions

“Parker Software has created an astonishingly useful product where anything you can think up, it can do.”

Addison Lee North America

“ThinkAutomation is the only solution on the market which had the functionality and capability I was looking for.”

DJ Talbot & Associates

“ThinkAutomation is the glue that binds our core business systems. Keep up the good work.”

Thornton & Partners

“ThinkAutomation provides a simple solution to often complex administrative systems. The return on investment for us is massive.”


What’s next?

Next comes the awards ceremony. So, on 3 July 2019, we’ll find out whether we take home the prize as Automation Technology Provider of the Year. Watch this space!